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Despite Everything /GR/, Tea Break, Between Two Sides @ Elektropionir

Datum: 01. 06. 2017.

DESPITE EVERYTHING ~ Four guys from Athens Greece, sharing stages, mics, inflatable beds and the same passion for long drives and punk rock since 2008.

Followed by their strong debut album “The Dawn Chorus” (mastered at the blasting room) the band just finished recording their new record called “Trails” set to be out in late spring ’16 (mixed and mastered at the blasting room).

In the past 9 years the band have released a few EPs and done around 400 shows all around Europe, UK, US, and Canada including 2 appearances at FEST in Gainesville, Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, and all the clubs, squats, basements, garages, bars in towns just like yours…


TEA BREAK is a prominent punk rock band from Belgrade, Serbia, playing since 2001. Through the years and after several releases, they’ve developed a unique style of punk rock slightly influenced by hardcore and metal. Energetic riffs of Igor’s and Misha’s guitars followed by Mladen’s precise bass lines and Alexa’s slamming drums can easily be described as a ground on which “Rise Against” meets “One Dollar Short” and “Bodyjar”. Colorful and emotional lyrics floating along with screaming and singing backing vocals is the main characteristic of Tea Break’s performance. Their shows are fulfilled with frenetic energy, so no one could stay indifferent. That’s the main reason why they’ve gained a devoted fan base throughout the country. Maintaining a tight relationship with their fans, Tea Break has become one of the bellwethers of the Serbian underground scene


BETWEEN TWO SIDES originally from Belgrade, Serbia, are playing some sort of punk rock music, yet they try not to be the same as many other bands. Their music generally speaks about many good and bad parts of everyones life.


Ulaznice po pretprodajnoj ceni od 400 dinara možete kupiti u Zaokretu (09-23h).



Odličan Hrčak se već dugi niz godina bavi promovisanjem srpske rok scene, kako kroz organizovanje događaja (turneje, festivali, samostalni koncerti) tako i kroz izdavaštvo... Sem toga Odličan Hrčak je već više od deset godina možda i jedina koncertna agencija koja se bavi alternativnom rok scenom u Srbiji. Neki od bendova koje zastupamo seu: Obojeni program, Partibrejkers, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Električni orgazam... Osim organizovanja koncerata, bavimo se i izdavaštvom. Naša izdanja možete poručiti putem elektronske pošte odlicanhrcak@gmail.com

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